Streaming Consciousness

It’s been a whole week since Super Young Team came out, and who can wait for the sluggish split seconds of static review-page postings with proper graphics and ordered design? It’s blogging that’s less than five minutes ago, so here it will be. Anyway, the comic’s really called Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance, for those of you not loaded with the right subcutaneous secret information. It stars the J-Pop-influenced supergroup created by Grant Morrison, with perfectly-decrypted scripting by Joe Casey, a master reprocessor of information overload. ChrisCross’ graphics are a handheld blockbuster of comic history’s all-time faves and coming attractions. The Super Young Team are a new generation with a vague impulse for greatness and a conditioned appetite for anesthesia. The main crisis they face is whether they’ll figure out how to listen to their heroic urgings over the chatter of their media handlers. The team’s very names — Big Atomic Lantern Boy, Shy Crazy Lolita Canary, [more], [more] — signify an ever-aggregating matrix of colliding meanings; Casey’s splintered narrative structure is perfect for embracing many perspectives while keeping it all moving in a digestible direction. ChrisCross keeps up the optimal image-feed, with collage-like layout and an overlap of styles synched to the pop species of any given player, from the cartoony ad-graphic stars to the ben-day aura or samurai scratchiness of heroes past. Casey has an ear engineered ideally for the self-captioning dialogue of exhibitionist but introspective youth figuring themselves out as they go along, and he and ChrisCross together have a superior processing speed for the eternal essence and ephemeral incarnations of mythic heroism and humanity (check the hologrammic haunting from the Ultraman lookalike/archetypal upgrade). Our own Earth has hopes rising as old foundations melt down, with energies that could break out or be smothered, and technologies that could turn the tide either way. This book is a navigation tool for a new world and an unknowable mega-media landscape, evolving in real time and epic scale.

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